I am Andra Danila, a Post-Master student in Conservation – Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Amsterdam, specialized in the preservation of books and paper-based objects. Between March and May this year, I was an intern at Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland under the supervision of Paul de Greeuw.

I really enjoyed the experience and had the privilege to see a variety of archival objects from 13th-century charters made of parchment to 20th-century architectural drawings on modern paper. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work on 18th-century documents in iron gall ink, 20th-century blueprints and transparent papers of different types, and several other drawings, framed and unframed. I also visited the polder house in Hoofddorp and the beautiful original headquarters of Rijnland on Breestraat in Leiden.

Some examples:


I had a fantastic time at Rijnland and will never forget what I’ve learned in the past three months.